ATA Radio Alert Program


The Alaska Trucking Association proud to annouce the launch of our new Radio Alert Program. 

ATA will operate an ATA Alert channel, an ATA Hail channel and 10 ATA Chat or Talk channels on the business band portion of the VHF frequency range.  This plan provides ATA member companies, and other truck operators willing to participate in this plan, with a channel to communicate an emergency or other road hazard, a channel to “hail” another driver and direct the other driver to one of the 10 ATA Chat channels to chat. To learn more click here.



ATA DVD & Video Rental Library

The Alaska Trucking Association provides many titles in our library which are available to rent in one week increments for a nominal fee.  To view our current selections click here.




Division of Motor Vehicle Services

The Alaska Trucking Association has partnered with the Department of Motor Vehicles. We can now process all your titling, registration and driving record needs right here in our office.  For more information please click here.





The Alaska Trucking Association provides all the books and forms you need to run a commercial vehicle in Alaska.  If we don’t have it, we can get it. To view our products and pricing click here. Call us at 276-1149 to place an order today!