About the Alaska Trucking Association

The Alaska Trucking Association has served the needs of the Alaska trucking community for 60 years; becoming an advocate for the transportation industry before Alaska even became a state. Eugene Rogge led the way for the industry starting back in 1958 with our mission; to foster and promote the interests of the trucking industry in Alaska. We do this by:

  • Positively influencing government and regulatory agencies
  • Promoting highway and driver safety
  • Assisting member companies in managing change
  • Positively promoting the industry image
  • Providing education through seminars and conferences

As a member-based organization, we provide a number of services to improve the efficiency of our member’s everyday operations. Trucking in Alaska is what moves our state of economy. With outlying villages that rely solely on trucking to bring in everyday goods, the Alaska Trucking Association has been there to help our member companies navigate the political, regulatory, educational, and local logistics of the transportation world.

Our members are from a diverse background, and our outstanding staff of local “sourdoughs” have been in the industry for many years with trucking backgrounds of some kind. They are extremely knowledgeable in helping customers and our members with an array of questions. We encourage you to browse our website fully to see all of the services we offer.

Team Members


Joe Michel

Executive Director


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Emily Andry

DMV Services


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