Chatanika River Bridge Construction Update: 96-hour reduced restrictions

Chatanika River Bridge Highway construction at MP 11 on the Elliott Highway is nearing the end of phase 1. After phase 1 is complete, a 96-hour window in which the maximum width on the bridge will be increased to 20’6” for 96 hours. The lane width will be restricted back to 13’3” between rails, which will have new rails at an increased height of 36”, after the 96-hour window.

We are sending out this notice to ensure you have time to coordinate with the permitting office for oversized loads. The anticipated start for the 96-hour window is Saturday, June 15 at 7 a.m. This start time is highly subject to change depending on the conditions of the new deck. A follow-up email with finalized dates will be sent out prior to the 96-hour window.

Please contact Sean Berg, DOT&PF project engineer, with any questions or comments. Sean can be reached at or 907-712-4256.

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