These are DMV changes that may affect other agencies such as law enforcement and DOT-CMVE


These are Governor Dunleavy’s changes to reduce the burden on Alaskans:


As of Monday, 03/31/2020 the following changes took effect:

  • Boat registration is suspended for 2020

AS 05.25.055(a)(c)(d)(f)(g)

  • Noncommercial and commercial driver licenses that expires during the pandemic period, may be extended for six months

AS 28.15.101(a)

  • Suspending vehicle registration enforcement

AS 28.10.011    AS 28.10.031(c)

  • Suspending the prohibition of driving with studded tires from May 1 through September 15

AS 28.35.155(a)


As of Thursday, 04/09/2020 the following changes took effect:

  • Suspend the requirement of out of state drivers to obtain an Alaska driver’s license within 90 days of entering Alaska


  • Suspend the requirement to obtain an Alaska title and registration within 30 days of purchase

AS 28.10.321(a)

  • Grant a commercial driver license holder who is temporarily out of state, a 6 months extension

2 AAC 90.435


Federal level:

  • US DHS has extended the REAL ID enforcement date to 10/01/2021
  • FMCSA has temporarily extended the Medical Certification requirement for CDLs being renewed. (AK DMV is currently extending expired CDLs)
  • TSA has granted an HME (HazMat Endorsement) extension for 180 days for HMEs that expire March 1-July 31.
  • FMCSA has granted a 3-month waiver for CLP holders that has passed the CDL driving skills test. They may operate a CMV on Public Roads or highways without an accompanying CDL holder present in the front seat, provided that the CDL holder is elsewhere in the cab.  The CLP holder must have in possession: proof of passing the CDL driving skills test, a valid noncommercial license, CLP and medical card. This waiver does not apply to CMV operations requiring the following endorsements: T (double/triple trailers); P (passenger), N (tank vehicle), H (hazardous materials), X (combination of tank vehicle and hazardous materials), and S (school bus). Effective March 28-June 30


Joanne Olsen

Interim Director

Division of Motor Vehicles