Redundant Power Line Cut Over


You may have noticed all the trenching, filling, and cable pulling in the vicinity of Terminal Road and the Security Center for the better part of the summer.  The result is that ML&P has brought a second power feed onto the Port so that we are no longer hamstrung by just the one that comes in through the power poles along Ocean Dock Road.  This should, at long last, eliminate all those pesky multi-hour power outages we’ve experienced over the years because of issues with the one power feed.  And, now our recently-added emergency generator infrastructure rightfully becomes tertiary.  

All this said, in order to complete the cut over, power to the entire Port will have to be down.  The plan is for a 90-minute outage; much shorter if all goes well.  Knowing the likelihood of not being able to pick an ideal time for everyone, we worked it out to pick a day/time that we felt would have the least amount of impact on the majority of you.  So, the outage has been scheduled for this Saturday, August 17th, from 2 – 3:30 AM.  Since nothing ever goes according to plan, we should consider that as well.  So, best to plan on the outage going over the intended time, but to not exceed 3 hours.  Worse case, we’ll bring the power back on to the original feed, evaluate what didn’t work as was intended, and try again another day.  

Consider the Security Command and Control Center to be your point of contact.  If you intend to have anyone on Port during this period, please have them call the Security Desk (343-6034) and provide contact information.  And if you have heavy equipment/machinery in use leading up to the outage time, best to power it down for the 2AM start.  When ML&P’s work is done, they will get a call back to confirm that your power is back on—but, hopefully, it’ll be obvious

Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks.