SmartWay Affiliate Program

Hello Members,

Here is information on how to participate in the SmartWay Affiliate program and the benefits of of participation:

  •  SmartWay Transport Partnership program is EPA’s global sustainability initiative and there is no cost to participate.
  • Associations communicate their organization’s commitment to cleaner transportation by using the SmartWay brand that is recognized worldwide.
  • State Trucking Associations are concerned about fuel efficiency, reducing emissions and saving money, and SmartWay provides strategies to address these concerns.
  • You will have access to free educational and marketing materials, including social media posts.
  • You can take advantage of trusted, credible transportation expertise and proven strategies to pass on to your members.
  • You can be recognized publicly for your enthusiasm and commitment to efficient freight transportation.

Join our over 200 Affiliate organizations within SmartWay and become part of our movement to raise the bar on efficient transportation.


Info on SmartWay here:

To join us as an Affiliate: