Feeding our Neighbors Food Drive

Dear fellow ATA members,

 Each year in the fall the Food Bank of Alaska is looking at almost empty shelves in their supply rooms.  This year Anchorage Mayor, Ethan Berkowitz has declared an emergency due to the non-funding of so many community programs.

Through 148 partner agencies Food Bank of Alaska serves an average of 6300 Alaskans each week.

The FBA takes in food and financial contributions each year to assist organizations in feeding our hungry Alaskan Neighbors. 

During the time period from Aug 26 till Sept 9th various organizations and religions around Anchorage and Eagle River are holding a food drive to support the FBA. 

There are several ways that you can support this food drive and in turn the FBA.

  1. You, your employer and fellow employees can hold a food drive at your work.  You can request Food Drive Barrels (if in Anchorage) directly from the FBA through the following link.   http://www.foodbankofalaska.org/ways-to-give/food-drives
  2. You can also donate money through the following link – https://interland3.donorperfect.net/weblink/weblink.aspx?name=E1503&id=7
    1. When you donate financially while on the site if you would click “WAYS TO GIVE” Click Donate Check “In Honor of” and write “Feeding our Neighbors” or “FON” in the box
    2. By identifying “Feeding our Neighbors” or “FON” in your financial donation this will give the FBA a way to track the donations from this particular food drive.

During this food drive we thought we would have a little friendly ATA competition.  For those who decide to put a Food Drive Barrel in their building and collect food that way – Weaver Bros is going to give away a total of 4 bikes – 2 girls and 2 boys bikes similar to what we gave away at the TDC in June.

Whichever 2 companies collect the most pounds of food during the food drive – those 2 companies will get one boys and one girls bike to give away to their employee’s children. 

How you decide who’s children get the bikes is up to your company.

You should keep track of the pounds of food that is collected at your company.   Either by pounds or how many full barrels you are able to fill up.

After the food drive we will contact the FBA to see who has collected the most food and the top 2 collecting companies will receive the bikes.

Thanks for your support of this important community event.

PS – if you are a member who is not in the Anchorage/Eagle River area please support your local Food Bank – all food banks need your help.

Jimmy Doyle

Weaver Bros.


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